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The American Society of Ocularists (ASO)

The American Society of Ocularists (ASO) is an international non-profit professional and educational organization founded in 1957 by professionals specializing in the fitting and fabrication of custom artificial eyes. The organization’s bylaws state its purpose: To foster, improve and promote research in and development of ophthalmic prosthetics; to instill mutual understanding and cooperation among all ocularist members; to improve relationships and understanding with ophthalmologists; by education, research and mutual cooperation of the membership to advance the methods, techniques and skills of the ocularist membership and, in general, to provide the public with continual improvement in all fields and activities in which Ocularists engage. Research, education and standards form the benefits to our membership.

The ASO College of Ocularistry (COO)

Under the auspices of the ASO Board of Directors, the ASO COO provides a formal and complete education and training for those seeking a diploma in the study of Ocularistry. The vast majority of ocularist instruction given by the College of Ocularistry is provided by members of the ASO.

The ASO Journal of Ophthalmic Prosthetics  

Research of techniques, stressing the benefits of custom-made ocular prosthetics and product development, are published in the Society’s annual Journal of Ophthalmic Prosthetics.

The ASO Continuing Education 

In conjunction with the ASO COO, and with regular collaboration with the Academy of Ophthalmology, the ASO Education Committee provides continuing education (CE) courses for Ocularists. Current information, treatments, techniques, advancements, and trends in Ocularistry are all subject matter for CE Courses, provided by the Society at bi-annual conferences. ASO education courses have been approved (bi-annually) by the National Examining Board of Ocularists (NEBO), for over 35 years, as required “A” and “B” credit courses, for certification by NEBO.

The ASO Standards Committee

Our Standards Committee gives recommendations for standards in the fitting and fabrication of custom-made ophthalmic prosthetics. The Standards Committee and the Education Committee are responsible for the collection and circulation of reported standards in custom-made ophthalmic prosthetics.

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